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Dental Radiation Certification

April 13, 2021
Posted By: Deanna Thomas, DMD

Dental Radiation Certification is needed to legally expose a patient to dental x rays. We have exciting news here at Thomas Family Dentistry; Racheal Robinson has passed her dental radiation board exam, which now allows her to take x rays! The board exam helps ensure patient safety during radiation exposure and knowledge of operating x ray equipment in the dental environment. In our office, patients are exposed to a few different types of dental x rays which include the following: periapical x rays, bitewing x rays and panoramic x rays. 

Racheal attended Ross Medical Education Center for dental assisting, which provided her the training on how to expose dental x rays. With her schooling, Racheal was allowed to take x rays in Ohio. Once joining our office in June 2020, Racheal began to study for the national board radiation test that would grant her the certification that Pennsylvania requires for patient exposure. All of Racheal's hard work and studying has paid off! We are proud to say that all of our clinical staff now have the certification needed to expose dental x rays!

Congratulations Racheal!!!

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