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OTC Pain Relief Cocktail

If you're currently experiencing dental pain and have a waiting period until your next appointment, try this over the counter combination for relief- this cocktail has taken the place of opiods with great success and we're confident it will for you, too!

400 mg Ibuprofen + 1,000 mg acetaminophen

*Limit consumption of combo to three times per day with at least 4 hours in between*

Researchers say this combination cocktail works better than prescribed opioids and are less likely to cause side effects. At Thomas Family Dentistry, we believe prescribed pain killers should be a last resort, and now with this OTC combination, we can reduce the frequency of opioid prescriptions without leaving our patients in pain!

Give this OTC cocktail combo a try, and we are confident that it will relieve your dental pain. 

Daily Max limit for ibuprofen- 3,2000 mg per day

Daily max limit for acetaminophen- 4,000 mg per day

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