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We want to make it easy to get the dental care you need. We also understand that families today have many demands on their budgets. That is why we have taken the time to provide flexible payment options and patient financing options and why we participate with a number of insurance companies that our patients use.

We don't want anything standing between you and the dentistry you need to stay healthy and feel great about the way you look.

If you ever have questions about your treatment, cost of treatment, benefits, or how to pay for your dentistry, just give us a call!

Insurance Plans Accepted

We accept the following dental insurance plans. If you do not see yours listed below, simply give us a call! We are happy to help you determine your benefits and coverage.

We do NOT participate with any HMO or DMO plans such as: UPMC for You, Care Source, United Health Care, Community Plan, Amerihealth or any State Medicade Plans

  • AARP - We accept some plans (call to find out)
  • Aetna - Participate with Connection Dental Network
  • Ameritas - Participate with Connection Dental Network
  • Benefit Administrators/BAI
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - of Massachusetts, Texas, Michigan, Alabama, and Illinois
  • Carington Benefit Solutions - Participate with Connection Dental Network
  • Delta Dental Premier
  • Dominion National - Participate with Connection Dental Network
  • Fringe Benefits
  • GEHA - Participate with Connection Dental Network
  • Guardian - Participate with Connection Dental Network
  • Humana - Participate with Connection Dental Network
  • Lincoln Dental - Participate with Connection Dental Network
  • MetLife - Participate with Connection Dental Network, PDP Plus and VA
  • Principal - Participate with Connection Dental Network
  • Tricare
  • United Concordia - Freedom Blue, Advantage, Security Blue, ADDP
  • United Healthcare - Participate with Connection Dental Network
  • UPMC - We participate with Advantage and Advantage Silver 

We work hard to maximize your benefits. For your convenience, we submit claims on your behalf along with supporting documentation. Please call and confirm that we are a participating provider.

Payment Options Available

We strive to make your dental care affordable and convenient. We accept the following forms of payment in our office:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Apple Pay
  • Visa 
  • MasterCard
  • Discover

    Visa Accepted | dentist | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentalMastercard Accepted | dentist | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentalDiscover Accepted | dentist | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family Dental


  • 10 percent clergy discount
  • 10 percent senior citizen discount for age 65 and over 


1. Patient must be over 18.
2. Patient can apply by calling 1-800-677-0718. 
3. We offer the 6-months-same-as-cash option. 
4. Patients can apply for the fixed option, but they pay the interest.

For more information on this service please click here.

Medical Bureau of Pittsburgh

1.  Patient applies by calling 412-539-0990.
2.  If approved, patient will receive paperwork, which they must sign and return. 
3.  When Medical Bureau gets signed paperwork (approximately 10 days), they will notify us of the approved amount. 
4.  When work is complete, we sign our paperwork and send for payment.

Patient Accounts

Create a patient account for additional features such as secure online bill payment.

  1. Account balance information
  2. Treatment recommendations
  3. Appointment dates and times
  4. Updating your patient information
Frequently Asked Questions

Kid's dentistry | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentistryBaby Teeth Play a Major Role in Adult Health

As a parent, it is not uncommon to assume that caries (cavities) on baby teeth are of no concern. Though understandable, this is something that is frequently misunderstood. Your child's baby teeth play a major role in the health and functionality of their adult dentition. 

There are a few reasons why we treat child caries. First and foremost, baby teeth are much smaller in size compared to an adult tooth, and the caries process can travel very quickly through the enamel into the inner structures of the tooth. If the decay reaches the most inner portion of a tooth, there is a risk of infection, which then conducts the need for a root canal and/or more extensive treatment. 

dentist for kids | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentistryTreating Cavities Encourages Good Oral Health

We strongly encourage keeping baby teeth until their natural shedding time because these baby teeth hold the space needed for the adult teeth to erupt properly. Thus, having your child's cavity treated ensures its longevity until it is ready to shed. 

Sometimes, if the cavity is in its beginning stages, we can monitor them at each visit until they warrant treatment. If you think your child has a cavity, or he/she complains of a tooth hurting, schedule an appointment with us today to see what your child needs.



Children with extensive treatment needs or kids that are unable to cooperate due to a variety of reasons are usually referred to the Pedodontist. The Peds dentist specializes in dentistry for children and has “more tools in the box”  that are often necessary to properly treat some children.

Extensive treatment needs include:

  • Multiple caries (cavities) on multiple teeth
    • ​Pediatric dentists can treat numerous teeth in one visit to prevent traumatic experiences for your child
  • ​Teeth with very large cavities extending into the inner structures of the tooth
    • ​Peds dentists have specific "tools" and materials for children's teeth in these cases

​​Some children also have a hard time sitting still or are not yet comfortable enough with the dental environment, where they would have a smoother experience with a Pedodontist to meet their treatment needs.

If we feel that your child would benefit from seeing the Pedodontist, we will give you a list of referrals in the area and surrounding areas to see. However, if we feel that your child can readily undergo procedures in our office without added stress, we are more than happy to address their oral needs in-house!

children's dentistry | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family Dentistry kids cavities | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family Dentistry childrens dentistry | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family Dentistry


Image of a tooth with a first aid kit | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentistryAre you experiencing facial trauma, severe pain or swelling?

Facial trauma can cause damage to your tooth and/or the root of the tooth, ultimately affecting its lifespan. If you've been hit or experienced any facial trauma and have noticed a change/pain with a tooth, this warrants a dental emergency.

Severe pain or swelling can occur from various dental concerns as well. Dental infections, extensive decay or broken teeth are a few different situations that can cause these symptoms.

Dental Emergency response | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentistryContact us in an emergency

Call your dentist if you have lost fillings, toothaches, an unusual/bad taste in your mouth, or sensitivity. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.  We will see you as soon as possible!


Dental Insurance | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentistryPayment for treatment is due at the time of service. We use two third-party agencies that offer no interest credit to help with larger treatment plans.  If you'd like to know more about our financial options, please contact our office or refer to our Financial Page.




my first visit to the dentist | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentistryYour first visit usually consists of a full series of x-rays, assessing gum/bone health, a dental exam including treatment planning and a cleaning as needed. Treatment will then be scheduled accordingly. For more thorough information, see FAQ "What will my first visit be like?" 


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