Extractions in Hermitage, PA

Stunning Woman's Teeth in Hermitage PADo you need a dental extraction in Hermitage, PA?

Losing a tooth is not something anyone anticipates or even wants to consider. After all, you take good care of your oral health, and you expected that your teeth would last forever.

At Thomas Family Dentistry, our goal is to save teeth whenever possible. But dental trauma or decay can happen to anyone, and when it severely compromises your tooth, it may be better to remove the tooth to alleviate pain or infection.

Our entire professional team is very sensitive to the fact that you may be anxious about having a tooth extracted – almost everyone is. But our gentle, compassionate approach and concern for your well-being will maximize your comfort and help you overcome your anxiety.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction in Hermitage, PA

There are several situations where it may be necessary to remove your tooth:

Advanced Decay – Your tooth has become so damaged by decay that fillings or crowns are not sufficient to protect it.
Root Canal Infection – Infection has advanced to the point that we cannot resolve it with traditional treatment.
Preparation for Dentures – You’re getting dentures and need to have one or more teeth removed
Preparation for Orthodontic Treatment – Your child needs orthodontic treatment, and one or more teeth baby teeth need to be removed.

Comfortable Care in a Soothing Environment

The moment you arrive for your appointment, you will see that we’re not just an ordinary dental office. We’ve worked hard to create an environment that is friendly, calming and stress-free. When you first arrive, you will be greeted warmly by a member of our team so you feel right at home.

If you have a problem with dental anxiety, we urge you to share your feelings with us. Being anxious about dental visits is nothing to be embarrassed about – millions of people share your feelings! When we know you’re apprehensive, we can take the extra steps necessary to help you relax. If you feel very anxious, our doctors will be happy to prescribe a calming medication for you to take when you arrive at our office.

Gentle, Compassionate Treatment for the Whole Family

When you’re anticipating a dental procedure like tooth extraction, it’s normal to feel anxious and slightly overwhelmed. It’s our job to provide you and your family with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. This is especially important for young children, and our team will be there every step of the way to support and encourage you and your child.

Please contact our office to arrange a consultation if you or your child needs to have a tooth extracted. If it’s an emergency, and you’re not sure what to do, please contact our regular office number. We will get back to you as quickly as possible to make sure that you get the immediate help you need.

Post Operative Instructions for Your Tooth Extraction in Hermitage, PA

BLEEDING:  Keep biting on the gauze for about 1/2 hour.  You’ll have some minor oozing for 24-48 hours.  If you notice the formation of large blood clots or continued heavy bleeding, notify your doctor immediately.

MEDICATONS:  Oral surgery may be associated with varying degrees of discomfort.  It is best to take your first pain pill BEFORE the numbness wears off.  All medications should be taken strictly as prescribed.  If you need additional pain medications after your prescription drugs are depleted, over-the -counter analgesics are usually sufficient.

SWELLING:  Swelling of the operated area is not unusual.  To help reduce swelling, apply an ice pack or cold towel on the side of your face next to the site.  20 minutes on, 10 minutes off, 20 minutes on, etc. for the next 4-6 hours.

DO NOT’S:  For the next several days DO NOT spit, smoke, rinse hard, drink through a straw, create a “sucking” action in your mouth, use a commercial mouthwash, drink carbonated soda or use an oral irrigating device.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY:  Avoid strenuous physical activity during your immediate recovery period, usually 2-3 days.  Any questions regarding duty modifications may be directed to your doctor.

Family with White Teeth in Hermitage PADIET:  For your comfort and to protect the surgical area, a soft diet is recommended.  Avoid chewing in the area of surgery.  Avoid hard, fibrous, or “sharp” foods (such as corn chips).  Drink plenty of liquids.  It is important to maintain a diet with a normal calorie level that is high in protein, minerals and vitamins to support post-operative healing.  Diet supplements such as Carnation Instant Breakfast can provide an excellent source of protein and other nutrients needed for healing.   Other suggested soft foods include soups, eggs, Jell-O, fruits and vegetables that are pureed in a blender, and soft meats such as fresh fish and canned tuna.  POST-SURGICALLY IS NOT THE TIME TO START A DIET!

SUTURES:  Sutures (‘stitches”) are placed to hold the gingival tissues in the proper position for ideal healing.  If the doctor has placed sutures, they will usually have to be removed approximately 1-2 weeks after the surgery.  Do not disturb the sutures with your tongue, toothbrush or in any other manner.  If you notice that a suture has come out or comes loose, notify your doctor during regular office hours.

ORAL HYGIENE:  DO NOT stop brushing your teeth!  A clean mouth heals faster.  You may brush all areas except that immediately around the surgery site(s).  On the day following surgery, start gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water to keep the surgery site(s) clean.  Use warm salt water rinse every few hours during the day, especially after meals and snacks.  Continue this procedure for a week or more following the surgery.

PROBLEMS:  Minor pain, bleeding and swelling are normal events after surgery.  If you have any complications or concerns about the course of your healing, please contact us or return during normal office hours. 

Call for Tooth Extractions in Hermitage, PA

Your dentist in Hermitage is here to help you through your dental extraction. Get in touch with our team and schedule an exam to learn more about your options, including tooth replacement following extraction.