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Why Dental Implants Are the Gold Standard for Tooth Replacement

Dental Implants | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family Dentistry

If you're struggling to live with a failing tooth or one that's already missing, it's probably always on your mind. After all, you're reminded every time you try to chew, and it's uncomfortable; or when you feel self-conscious about smiling at other people.

You might have heard that dental implants are an excellent solution for replacing missing teeth, but what makes them better than other tooth replacement options? Here's what you should know about dental implants in Hermitage, PA.

Dental Implants Protect Your Oral Health

While you're struggling to chew your sandwich at lunchtime, you may not be aware of what's happening behind the scenes with your dental health due to your ...

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Why Do I Need a Dental Crown Instead of a Filling?

Dental Crowns | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family Dentistry

Your dentist told you that you need a crown, and you're devastated. Why isn't a filling sufficient to repair your tooth if it has been in the past?

Great question! While it can be frustrating to hear that your tooth needs to be repaired, you can rest assured knowing that a dental crown in Hermitage is designed to not only fix your tooth but also keep your smile looking beautiful.

Why Not a Filling?

A dental filling is designed to repair a small portion of your tooth that has been damaged by decay, while a crown restores your entire tooth. A crown allows you to protect your natural tooth structure and ...

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A New Smile for 2019!

Image of a patient smiling about the new year | Hermitage PA

Are you ready to shine in 2019? Is this the year you finally meet your goals? Whether you have big plans for your personal or professional life, a beautiful smile can give you the confidence you need to make your dreams a reality; and cosmetic dentistry in Hermitage offers the solutions you need to create that stunning appearance.

What Are My Options for Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Whether you're dealing with teeth that are misaligned, fractured or discolored, there is a cosmetic dental treatment that can help. At Thomas Family Dentistry you will choose from these or a combination of these options for your personalized treatment plan:

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Are Dentures the Right Choice for Me?

Image of a patient smiling and laughing | Hermitage PA

Do you face the challenge each day of trying to chew with failing teeth? Do you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth because many of them are compromised? Are you starting to feel depressed or hopeless about your situation?

These feelings are common on a daily basis when you are living with missing or failing teeth. There is hope, however; and dentures in Hermitage, PA may be the right solution for you. Here are the different types of dentures from which you can choose.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are a removable appliance typically made from acrylic and designed to restore an entire arch of teeth. You may be thinking of ...

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Why Dental Implants Might be Right for You

Image of a dental implant

When you live with a tooth that is failing, it causes many daily challenges that most of us take for granted. For example, chewing and eating foods you are used to enjoy can become difficult when you can’t chew properly. You may also feel self-conscious about smiling or talking with others when you have a compromised tooth. The good news is that dental implants in Hermitage, PA are an excellent solution that protects your oral health while returning beauty and aesthetics to your smile.

What Is a Dental Implant?

Three major components of a dental implant work together to create a tooth that is life-like and natural looking. These are:

  • The implant
  • An ...

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