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We are always on the lookout for ways that technology can provide you with accurate, high-quality dentistry. When we find a way to help improve your experience in our office, we consider it.

Here are some of the ways we have incorporated technology into our practice as an investment in you and your health.

Dexis Digital X-Rays

Dexis digital x-ray machine used at Hermitage PA dentist office

Digital x-rays provide high-resolution images without unnecessary radiation exposure. Digital x-rays emit up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays and provide better quality images for more accurate diagnoses.

We can instantly access your digital x-rays, without the wait time to develop film. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Peters can display your x-rays on the in-room monitors right away. This is useful when explaining dental conditions or treatment options.

We securely store your images in your digital chart and can compare them over time. We can also send any necessary x-rays to your insurance company, when necessary, to process your claims efficiently.

TRIOS® 3Shape 3-D Imaging and Digital Impressions

Hermitage PA dentist using TRIOS® 3Shape 3-D Imaging technology

If you are like most patients, the idea of goopy impressions is unappealing. At Thomas Family Dentistry, we offer 3-D imaging and digital impressions for greater accuracy in the creation of dental crowns and the placement and restoration of dental implants. This technology makes the process easier for our patients and more accurate for our dentists. This gives you better and faster results. We can upload your digital impression directly into our software for better crowns.

Personal Hygiene

Electronic toothbrushes sold at dentist office in Hermitage PA

We proudly sell Phillips Sonicare and Oral B electronic toothbrushes.

Dexis Intraoral Camera

16148 dentist using a Dexis Intraoral Camera during dental exam

An intraoral camera is a small, handheld digital camera designed to take pictures inside your mouth. We can snap digital pictures of a cracked tooth, gum conditions, or even damaged restorations and then show them to you on our in-room monitors. When you can see what we see, your conditions and treatment options make a lot more sense.

We can store these images in your digital chart and compare them over time. We can also submit them to your insurance company when additional documentation is required for approval and payment of treatment.

Orascoptic Telescopic Loupes

Dentist in Hermitage PA wearing Orascoptic Telescopic Loupes during dental exam

While both Dr. Thomas and Dr. Peters have lots of experience identifying potential dental problems, they can't always see everything on a visual inspection alone because teeth are so small and fractures can be microscopic. Additionally, when performing treatment, precision is important.

Telescopic loupes give us a close-up view of your teeth. They look a little like microscope lens glasses! We can use them for diagnosis, treatment, and planning to give you more accurate dental care.

ErgoSoothe™ Massage Chairs

We want your experience here to be as comfortable as possible. While you are with us, we intend to delight you and exceed your expectations.

If you are like most people, you lead a busy life and might not always have time to relax. You can relax and kick back during your appointment with our ErgoSoothe Massage chairs. ErgoSoothe uses gentle air massage to cradle and relax your body during your appointment.

Many of our patients are so comfortable they actually fall asleep during treatment!

Dentrix Paperless Charting

Your information is safe with us! We use digital charting to keep track of all of your dental information and health history. Keeping it safe is vitally important, so we store and back-up your information using encryption. That way, it is always double protected from prying eyes.

Because we eliminated the need for paper charts, we don't have your private information in various locations. It is safely under lock and key.

Digital charting also helps us compare your health history and dental information over time. This way, we can track the trends in your oral health and easily identify anything that might pose a problem so we can treat it effectively and efficiently.

Lighthouse Automated Cell Phone and Email Reminders

With today's busy schedules, it sure helps to get appointment reminders in more than one place!

We reach out in several ways to remind you of your upcoming dental appointments so you never fall behind on your care. When you come in, you can tell us how you prefer to be contacted, and that is where we will send your appointment confirmations. We can even use multiple methods of contact so you never miss a dental cleaning again.

TesiaBridge™ Electronic Claim Submission

No one wants their personal information traveling through the mail! Old-fashioned mailed-in claims take forever to process!
We eliminate this unnecessary delay by processing your claims electronically. That way, your insurance company gets the information right away and can start the process of payment. We can also attach necessary documentation, ensuring a smooth transaction.


BIOLASE® Dental Laser

If you require periodontal (gum) surgery, you might be interested to know that laser technology has made this easier and more precise. At Thomas Family Dental, we have introduced BIOLASE® soft tissue lasers to make gum surgeries more accurate, painless, and faster healing.

We use lasers for:

  • Periodontal disease
  • Frenectomies
  • Gingival sculpting
  • Crown and veneer prep
  • Canker sore treatment
  • Cold sore treatment

Laser light energy can detect different densities of tissue, meaning we can preserve more healthy tissue and only remove the diseased tissue. This provides better results overall!

Online Account Access

Have you been wondering if we received a payment from your insurance company? Do you want to know what your outstanding balance for treatment is so you can plan your budget?

We offer online account access for our patients. You can check your balance, see payments, and even make a payment online! You can also look up past appointments and see your upcoming appointments.

This feature can make life much less complicated, especially if you are coordinating dental care for the whole family!

WiFi for Our Patients

Schedules are busy these days!

Many of our patients appreciate WiFi access so they can catch up on emails or work while they wait for their kids to have their teeth cleaned. Plus, having free WiFi means that you don't have to eat up your data to stream music during your appointment.

We have you covered!

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