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What makes us different?

November 30, 2021
Posted By: Megan Davis, CDA
Picture of Deanna Thomas, DMD and Noelle Peters, DMD

At Thomas Family Dentistry, you will find two female dentists, Deanna Thomas, DMD and Noelle Peters, DMD. Both dentists have a similar education, graduating from the University of Pittsburgh Dental School. Between the two, there is almost 40 years of experience. Sharing similar schooling and patient care allows our office to have consistency when treatment planning and working on patients. 

When patients visit our office, we always want them to feel that we care; not just about their dentistry, but also about the way they are treated. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Peters, along with the Thomas Family Dentistry staff, personalize each service to provide treatment that fits your needs and consistently invest in you by updating their technology, skills, and education. 

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