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Why You Should Book Your Kid a Dentist Appointment ASAP

November 8, 2022
Posted By: Dr. Deanna Thomas

There are many reasons to book a dental appointment for your child with a children’s dentist in Hermitage, PA, including their regular checkup and teeth cleaning or if you have specific concerns about their oral health.

Let’s explore a few important reasons to bring your child to the dentist today.

4 Reasons to Book a Dental Appointment for Your Child

#1 It Is Time for Their Six-Month Dental Checkup

Some people falsely believe that baby teeth aren’t necessary, so they forego children’s dental care until adult teeth emerge or suspect an oral health issue in their child.

However, baby teeth are vital, and keeping them healthy is essential to your child’s oral health, which means visiting the dentist every six months.

Baby teeth hold spaces for adult teeth and help your child’s speech development. They should never fall out too early, which is why we recommend regular dental care for all children.

#2 It Is Time for Their First Dental Visit

We see children early to monitor their oral development. Regular dental care from an early age can prevent premature tooth loss of baby teeth and ensure that your child’s jaw is developing correctly.

Early dental care also familiarizes your child with the dental office for more manageable and less stressful visits.

#3 Oral Injury or Dental Emergency

As a family dentist in Hermitage, PA, we are here for dental emergencies. For your child, this can mean an injury on the playground, toothache, or an object lodged between teeth. If your child has (or you suspect) a dental emergency, reach out to our team as soon as possible for support.

#4 Concern for Their Oral Health

If your child has a discolored tooth or seems to be favoring a specific area in the mouth, they may have an oral health issue that requires dental care.

For example, bruxism (teeth grinding) is a common oral health issue that we can treat to help your child maintain a healthy and pain-free smile.

Contact a Children’s Dentist Near Me Today

If you have an oral health issue or want to establish dentistry for your child, give us a call today.

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