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What Can I Get Instead of a Crown?

May 30, 2022
Posted By: Thomas Family Dentistry

Do you have a broken, cracked, or deeply decayed tooth? Or do you have a severely stained or misshapen tooth? If so, our skilled and experienced dental team at Thomas Family Dentistry in Hermitage, PA, can help you! 

Many patients come to us wondering what options they have to repair or restore a tooth instead of a dental crown. But the truth is, dental crowns are specifically used to strengthen or cover a natural tooth and prevent tooth loss or removal of that tooth.

No other dental treatment can completely take the place of a dental crown. Based on your unique needs and smile goals, your dentist can offer you treatment options and determine if a dental crown is right for you. 

What Is a Dental Crown?

At Thomas Family Dentistry, we offer various treatments to improve patients' teeth and overall aesthetics and function. For example, we use dental fillings for minor issues, such as small chips or cavities. However, a crown has a more specific, protective role that can save a natural tooth from extraction or tooth loss. 

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap your dentist places over the entirety of a natural tooth and cements it in place. A crown protects and preserves the natural tooth underneath, and it restores the tooth's function, appearance, and strength. 

What Problems Can a Dental Crown Fix? 

Dental crowns are perhaps one of the most versatile dentistry treatments available. Your dentist can use a dental crown to solve a variety of aesthetics or functional concerns, such as: 

  • Covering a cracked, broken, weak, or crumbling tooth
  • Concealing a severely discolored tooth 
  • Concealing a misshapen tooth
  • Equalizing a bad bite 
  • Topping a dental implant
  • Anchoring a dental bridge
  • Preserving a decayed tooth
  • Strengthening a tooth treated by a root canal 

If left untreated, a tooth without a crown could split or become severely damaged, consequently requiring extraction or a restoration, like a dental implant or bridge. 

Dental Crowns in Hermitage, PA 

At Thomas Family Dentistry, we offer comprehensive dental care and services to improve your smile's health, comfort, aesthetics, and function. Please get in touch with us today to schedule your dental crown consultation with Dr. Deanna Thomas and our friendly team. 

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