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Why do I need a crown?

Crowns in Hermitage, PARepair Broken Teeth

Teeth require full coverage when they are broken, cracked, fractured or have extensive wear and decay. When teeth break/crack/fracture, the integrity of the tooth becomes compromised. Imagine trying to serve food on a broken/cracked dish! In the same way, a cracked tooth cannot endure the everyday stresses of chewing and other occlusal forces once it has been compromised like this. At this time, the tooth needs a dental crown. The crown ensures full coverage of the tooth so that it can withstand those chewing and occlusal forces.

Restore Worn Down Teeth

If a tooth has extensive wear, a crown is also warranted. Fixing this problem with a filling often ends up as a temporary fix, as the filling materials just get worn through again, just as the natural tooth did, to begin with. The materials used to make our crowns are very resistant to these forces and cannot be worn through as a filling would.

Crowns are also warranted for extensive decay. Once your dentist drills out all of the decayed tooth structure, there is often very little tooth structure left to support such a large filling. When we build up large preps (the drilled out tooth) with filling material, it is very common that these large fillings fail. You may find yourself biting down on something hard and fracturing/breaking your large filling. In this case, we always recommend crown coverage. This ensures full protection of the tooth so it can withstand occlusal forces once again without risk.

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