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My new fillings are sensitive. What can I do?

New Fillings Can Take Time to Settle

If you are feeling sensitivity with a tooth after having a filling placed, do not be alarmed. Newly placed fillings can be sensitive up to two weeks and sometimes longer. To help with this sensitivity, avoid extreme food or drink temperatures and brush your teeth with warm water. Using an over the counter sensitivity toothpaste can aid the sensitivity as well when used day and night; give this type of toothpaste up to two weeks to see results.


If you notice that your teeth do not seem to fit together or the filling feels high, a quick adjustment is all you may need! Sometimes it is hard to tell if the finished product feels right when your numbing has not completely worn off yet. If you notice this in time after your appointment, call us to set up a simple adjustment.

If your filling does not feel high, but you notice the sensitivity is only getting worse, please return to the office at your earliest convenience and have the filling further evaluated.

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