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What will my first visit be like?

Your first visit to the dentist | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentistryYou will notice the difference from your very first visit to our office!

Welcome to the Office

When you first walk into our office, you will be greeted by Shanequa, Sam or Megan at the front desk where you can check in and sign any outstanding forms needing to be completed.

Meet the Team and Get X-Rays

From then, you will be taken back with your registered dental hygienist, Leia, Jen or Shelby, where you will discuss any questions or concerns that you would initially like addressed. 

Next, you will have radiographs (x-rays) taken which will allow us to get a full, comprehensive image of each tooth in your dentition. Not only do these radiographs give us great baseline information that we can reference for changes in time, but they allow us to see any issues in their early stages that are not visible to the naked eye.

Building Your Dental Chart

From then, we will examine your teeth clinically and create your very own dental chart with any existing work you may have done or additional work needing to be done. 

We will create a periodontal probing chart for you by taking small measurements at the gum line of each tooth to evaluate attachment levels. Periodontal attachment levels are vital to your overall oral health. At our office, we want to ensure that your teeth's surrounding structures are sound before investing any time and money into restorative work. Our periodontal (gum) exam allows us to determine the type of dental cleaning you will need. We know that most people want a dental cleaning, and we don’t blame you! Beating that clean, fresh feeling is hard! Don’t worry if you have some catching up to do! Our hygiene team is thorough, yet gentle, and they work toward helping our patients enjoy a comfortable, healthy smile.

A Comprehensive Exam By Our Doctors

Dr. Thomas or Dr. Peters will perform a comprehensive dental exam and identify any dental conditions that require your attention. We will discuss this with you and never leave you in the dark. At Thomas Family Dentistry, our main goal is to ensure that you, yourself, are involved in treatment needs, decisions and priorities in conjunction with our dental recommendations. 

You will have time to ask questions at your exam. We believe in open communication so you can achieve your health and cosmetic goals for your smile. If there is something you would like to learn more about, we are here to answer your questions!

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