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Things to keep in mind when bringing your child!

Tips and Tricks for a Successful First Visit for Your Child

  • Try to schedule your child early in the morning- at this time, your child is rested and can focus best. This makes sitting through a dental appointment easy and painless!
  • Afternoon appointments are typically more difficult as your child is already burnt out from the first half of the day and will not like to sit in the dental chair
  • Though it can be tough, your child does best in the chair when they are not accompanied by mom or dad!
    • Most kids tend to misbehave or act up if they are brought back with their parents
    • Cooperation is typically at its best when the child can focus on the doctor 
  • Avoid using certain terms that may scare your child from coming to the dentist. Here are some positive alternatives:
    • Shots- sleepy medicine
    • Drill- water wand
  • Reward positive behavior with positive actions, let them know about our prize box!
  • Always speak in a positive manner about coming to the dentist- if you love it, they will want to love it too!

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