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What are root canals?

Image of the inside of a tooth | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentistryTreat Tooth Pain

Root canals have a bad reputation but it is actually the symptoms of the infection that cause the pain and not from the actual root canal itself.

Endodontic treatment (root canals) are performed when you are experiencing intense pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, decay or fracture that goes into the nerve of the tooth.

Prevent Pain, Swelling and Tooth Loss

Deep inside of your tooth is the root canal itself, which contains nerves and soft tissue. Infection, deep decay or damage to the nerve all indicate that the tooth needs endodontic treatment. If the infection is not treated, you will have continued pain, swelling, and even tooth loss.
When a root canal is performed the nerve and damage to your tooth is gently cleaned and removed. All of the necrotic tissue is removed with a series of small files graduating to larger ones in order to get it all. The tooth is then rinsed with a disinfecting solution and dried thoroughly before placing a plastic point to fill in the canal and seal the tooth off.

Root canals | Hermitage, PA | Thomas Family DentistryOften times, we may want to use an antibiotic to make sure the infection is under complete control.

It is then recommended to have a core build-up and crown done on the tooth, as once the live nerve has been removed from the tooth, the tooth becomes quite brittle. A dental crown is placed in order to strengthen and protect the tooth. 

Be sure to contact us today if you are experiencing any of the previously mentioned symptoms. It is always better to find the "root" of the issue sooner rather than later!

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